The Wheels of Life and Time!

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        Above is the sky in 2012, using Stellarium (an amazing open source software we recommend for download). Notice the serpent holder 13th sign Ophiucus. That is the biggest significance of 2012: the ancients were afraid that one day the faint sun of the winter solstice would rise in the middle of the dangerous Dark River of the Milky Way, where even the star gods loose their light. Would our beloved sun, symbol of life, also being in danger at that crucial moment every 26,000 years? Is 2012 just a visual ancient collective panic, as it occurs with eclipses, or the result of bad memories associated to this cycle? What if both are equally possible and these two markers, Center of Milky Way and Winter Solstice, shows midnight according to this universal sky clock, calibrated after previous observations of natural cycles?
       In terms of collective unconscious, imagine 2012 as a big rollercoaster that you only realize how big it is when you get to the entrance, then you get really scared but there is no other option than take the ride and enjoy it. Lucky the ones able to see it every 26,000 years. The ultimate moment to stop our hectic life and contemplate the sky and the meaning of time.
        In the first part of this site we studied the "Ancient Geodetic System" and the possible implications of its existence. The ancient concept of space and its repercussions in ancient and modern architecture.
        Here we will consider the other side of this coin or the ancient concept of time and its repercussion in modern Time Theories. So what exactly is Time?
        Time can be seen in absolute terms or immutable. Absolute linear time is a mathematical concept of time being of the same nature of ordered numbers; it would go forever and can be infinitely divisible. This concept of time is more metaphysical in nature than the ancient concept of time. Time would always exist as a separate entity and could be measured by repetitive phenomena, but never recurrent. Since we arbitrarily define our unit of measurement of time, we just extend the concept ad infinitum. The key point here is the choice of what is considered periodic in nature. By separating metaphysical entities controlling time and choosing a universally accepted measurable periodic process, modern man arrived to this notion of immutable time governing itself.
        With the evolution of this monotone concept of time as a theoretical model a lot of problems would naturally appear by entering in the infinitely micro and infinitely macro universes. That is when time itself needed to be reviewed as an absolute concept. By linking time to increasingly high speeds till arriving to the speed of light, man returns to ancient beliefs that time and light are associated in some sort of controller mechanism. Time shrinks or stretches as fast as we go. Nevertheless, time is still a non-cyclic phenomenon in modern man mind.
        That is the main difference between modern and ancient concepts of time. Despite of recognizing the existence of periods in nature as quantitative recurrence (such temperature changes), there is no reason to fear the end of the world at the end of each cycle, since they have no deterministic qualitative recurrence (such as extinctions).
        The idea of quantum entanglement gives another meaning to time, which open the possibility of really repetitive phenomena where time exists as a special entity for entangled objects (what one does, the other too). In this optic we do not only control time, but time also control us in some sort of action-reaction process. If this is proven to exist at a macro level, it would represent a full return to the ancient concept of cyclical qualitative time.
        Time as well as gravity are concepts not well understood and a vast terrain for scientific exploration!
        But, let's stop there and consider only the analysis of the ancient model of time. What is the ultimate ancient guide for the ancient concept of time that survived the years? The ancient concept of time is that it is a controlled, cyclical and ordered process, associated with the movement of the heavenly bodies, as shown in the Book of Enoch. By this, we conclude that time had no reality by itself, but dependent on the existence of the planets and stars. Time can stop or change, according to the will of the controllers of time. The ancients lived with the constant fear that time could end or start at the will of the entities controlling it.        
        "And these are the orders of the stars, which set in their places, and in their seasons and festivals and months. And these are the names of those who lead them, who watch that they enter at their times, in their orders, in their seasons, in their months, in their periods of dominion, and in their positions. Their four leaders who divide the four parts of the year enter first; and after them the twelve leaders of the orders who divide the months; and for the three hundred and sixty (days) there are heads over thousands who divide the days; and for the four intercalary days there are the leaders which sunder the four parts of the year. And these heads over thousands are intercalated between leader and leader, each behind a station, but their leaders make the division. And these are the names of the leaders who divide the four parts of the year which are ordained: Milkiel, Helemmelek, and Melejal, and Narel. And the names of those who lead them: Adnarel, and Ijasusael, and Elomeel− these three follow the leaders of the orders, and there is one that follows the three leaders of the orders which follow those leaders of stations that divide the four parts of the year." (Book of Enoch - Chapter 82).
        Since ancients were more directly subjected to the forces of nature the fear of the "End of Time" was a constant feeling, manifested by each night, each winter, and each long winter. These were considered as inflection points of time, from which life could or not reborn. Special attention was given to the Winter Solstice, or the shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice was the main referential for the concept of cyclical time. This explains why the End of Time for the Mayas and the Birth of Christ are commemorated during Winter Solstice. This was the point of death, birth and rebirth. The ancients were tracking time by tracking planets and stars, which are the manifestation of its existence. By doing so they divided the sky in areas, along the path of the sun. By empirical observation or not, they arrived to the recurrence periods or the repetition of the time as well as the increasing fear that it all could suddenly end.
        So the years around 2012 mark the point of inflection, where the sun rises in the middle of the Milky Way during Winter Solstice, a phenomenon that would only repeat after 26000 years. It is the end of a big cycle but not necessarily the end of the world. But, as well as we are not sure we will be able to cross every night; the ancients were also scared that they wouldn't be able to make it. They are not telling us that there is a physical alignment with the center of the Milky Way, but that there is an apparent alignment marking a not so good "qualitative recurrent time", which was previously associated with some kind of radical change. The scientists act in the same way concerning the Hurricane Seasons, by giving us a number of possible major Hurricanes every year (fortunately they are most of the time wrong).
         By using the software Stellarium and choosing different star-lores, we can see that 2012 corresponds to sun rising close to the right wall of the Heavenly Market enclosure ( 天市垣, Tiān Shì Yuán or Serpens-Ophiuchus-Hercules) of the Chinese, the big Fishhook of the Maui’s (Ka Maka Nui o Maui), White Ostrich or Rhea of the Tupi-Guaranis ("Ema, Iandutim or Avestruz Branca". Notice the parallel with the famous Emu in the sky of the Australian aborigines), First Big One of the Navajos, the mysterious Colotl Ixayac (or Scorpion Face) of the Aztecs (Notice the almost perfect match with the known Scorpio Constellation) and the famous Ophiucus. Also notice that the hook is associated with Scorpios and the emu is associated with the rhea (snake eater, called ñandú guazu or big spider).
        There are several others strange correlations with 2012: the transit of Venus, the multiple eclipses, the maximum sun spot cycle occurring in the same year, the prophecies of the popes of Saint Malachy may occur around this year, the Web Bot data gap in this year and Therence Mckenna timewave zero referential is 2012.
        But we are not directly interested in the Eschatological aspect of 2012, if it may end it may end; we take this moment as an opportunity to try to understand time and recurrence as part of our common heritage.
        So what is the ultimate guide for ancient time?
       Everybody agrees that the Mayas were by far the most interested in studying time. Since most of the Maya literature was brutally destroyed, we think that the I Ching, or book of transmutations, is the ultimate ancient guide to understand time.
        What is there so special with this book?
        The I Ching is much, much more than a simple oracle!
        1- It is the basic source of our modern binary system, represented by The Fu Shi sequence.
        2- The Fu Shi sequence also represents the DNA standard code in quaternary base (base 4).

        By converting Fu Shi sequence from Binary to Quaternary base, we realize that it matches the DNA sequence. This indicates that visual analysis of the book in base 2 should be complemented by mathematical analysis in base 4.
DNA   Dec Dec Inv Bin Bin Inv DNA   Dec Dec Inv Bin Bin Inv DNA   Dec Dec Inv Bin Bin Inv
TTT 1 63 63 111111 111111 CCC 22 42 21 101010 010101 AAA 43 21 42 010101 101010
TTC 2 62 31 111110 011111 CCA 23 41 37 101001 100101 AAG 44 20 10 010100 001010
TTA 3 61 47 111101 101111 CCG 24 40 5 101000 000101 AGT 45 19 50 010011 110010
TTG 4 60 15 111100 001111 CAT 25 39 57 100111 111001 AGC 46 18 18 010010 010010
TCT 5 59 55 111011 110111 CAC 26 38 25 100110 011001 AGA 47 17 34 010001 100010
TCC 6 58 23 111010 010111 CAA 27 37 41 100101 101001 AGG 48 16 2 010000 000010
TCA 7 57 39 111001 100111 CAG 28 36 9 100100 001001 GTT 49 15 60 001111 111100
TCG 8 56 7 111000 000111 CGT 29 35 49 100011 110001 GTC 50 14 28 001110 011100
TAT 9 55 59 110111 111011 CGC 30 34 17 100010 010001 GTA 51 13 44 001101 101100
TAC 10 54 27 110110 011011 CGA 31 33 33 100001 100001 GTG 52 12 12 001100 001100
TAA 11 53 43 110101 101011 CGG 32 32 1 100000 000001 GCT 53 11 52 001011 110100
TAG 12 52 11 110100 001011 ATT 33 31 62 011111 111110 GCC 54 10 20 001010 010100
TGT 13 51 51 110011 110011 ATC 34 30 30 011110 011110 GCA 55 9 36 001001 100100
TGC 14 50 19 110010 010011 ATA 35 29 46 011101 101110 GCG 56 8 4 001000 000100
TGA 15 49 35 110001 100011 ATG 36 28 14 011100 001110 GAT 57 7 56 000111 111000
TGG 16 48 3 110000 000011 ACT 37 27 54 011011 110110 GAC 58 6 24 000110 011000
CTT 17 47 61 101111 111101 ACC 38 26 22 011010 010110 GAA 59 5 40 000101 101000
CTC 18 46 29 101110 011101 ACA 39 25 38 011001 100110 GAG 60 4 8 000100 001000
CTA 19 45 45 101101 101101 ACG 40 24 6 011000 000110 GGT 61 3 48 000011 110000
CTG 20 44 13 101100 001101 AAT 41 23 58 010111 111010 GGC 62 2 16 000010 010000
CCT 21 43 53 101011 110101 AAC 42 22 26 010110 011010 GGA 63 1 32 000001 100000
                        GGG 64 0 0 000000 000000

                This match enables another reading of the I Ching in Quaternary base (base 4). The correspondence is
                                                                          G=>0 , A=>1, C=>2, T=>3

        3- The King Wen Sequence seems to clearly correlate to DNA sequence as well as the phenomenon of Time Recurrence or Time Entanglement. This is what we will explain in more details. The King Wen sequence in DNA code would be as shown below. The pairs are very easy to generate by computer. The difficult thing is to understand the order. There are 3 noticeable marks in this sequence: we start by observing that the first and last pairs are not randomly chosen but are clearly associated with uniqueness and completion (TTT=>AAA, GGG=>CCC), the second mark is related to primes pairs (yellow) and the third one is related to complementary symmetry (63- Dec = Pair, marked in green) . We notice that before the first double primes (yellow) all pairs have one prime. The sequence was meticulously ordered so as that in the first 16 pairs we have only the squares 2^2 , 4^2, 5^2 and one cube 2^3, but in the next 16 pairs we have the squares 3^2, 6^2, 7^2 and one cube 3^3. The analysis of the sequence makes graphical, mathematical and chronological sense and is the best and oldest way to represent the sequence of transmutations, from the perfect separation to the perfect union, passing by all intermediate states.

Pair Type   Dec Pair Binary Pair DNA Pair Oracle Meaning Meaning Time
Symmetric 1 63 0 111111 000000 TTT GGG Creative-Receptive Perfect Separation Time Begin
Rotate 24 17 34 010001 100010 AGA CGC Sprouting-Youthful Folly Light on the Darkness First Action
Rotate 6 23 58 010111 111010 AAT TCC Waiting-Arguing Darkness on Light First Reaction
Rotate 31 2 16 000010 010000 GGC AGG Leading-Grouping Light Returns First Creation
Rotate 5 55 59 110111 111011 TAT TCT Small Accum-Go on Darkness Returns First Night
Rotate 8 7 56 000111 111000 GAT TCG Peace-Still Equilibrium First End
Rotate 3 61 47 111101 101111 TTA CTT Fellowship-Great Accum Energy Accum. 2nd Creation
Rotate 32 4 8 000100 001000 GAG GCG Modesty-Excess Dynamic Starts 2nd Action
Rotate 22 25 38 011001 100110 ACA CAC Following-Corrupting Internal Conflict 2nd Reaction
Rotate 15 3 48 000011 110000 GGT TGG Approach-Contemplation Internal Conflict Evolution
Rotate 20 41 37 101001 100101 CCA CAA Bite-Adorning Internal Conflict Evolution
Rotate 26 32 1 100000 000001 CGG GGA Splitting-Return Internal Conflict Evolution
Rotate 7 57 39 111001 100111 TCA CAT Innocence-Great Storage Regroup Evolution
Symmetric 25 33 30 100001 011110 CGA ATC Swallowing-Exceeding Before Destruction Decline
Symmetric 17 18 45 010010 101101 AGC CTA Abysmal Water-Radiance Destruction 2nd Night
Rotate 27 28 14 011100 001110 ATG GTC Conjoining-Constancy Unstable Equilibrium 2nd End
Rotate 4 60 15 111100 001111 TTG GTT Retreat-Gain Power Energy Accum. 3rd Creation
Rotate 21 40 5 101000 000101 CCG GAA Progress-Darkening Dynamic Starts Evolution
Rotate 10 53 43 110101 101011 TAA CCT Family-Opposition Internal Conflict Evolution
Rotate 30 20 10 010100 001010 AAG GCC Obstruction-Untangle Internal Conflict Evolution
Rotate 14 35 49 100011 110001 CGT TGA Decrease-Increase Internal Conflict Evolution
Rotate 2 31 62 011111 111110 ATT TTC Breakthrough-Coupling Disruption Evolution
Rotate 29 24 6 011000 000110 ACG GAC Gather-Ascending Regroup Evolution
Rotate 28 26 22 011010 010110 ACC AAC Opression-The well Before Destruction Decline
Rotate 16 29 46 011101 101110 ATA CTC Revolution-Holding Destruction 3rd Night
Rotate 23 9 36 001001 100100 GCA CAG Shake-Keep Still Unstable Equilibrium 3rd End
Rotate 11 52 11 110100 001011 TAG GCT Infiltration-Convert Maiden Energy Gathering 4th Creation
Rotate 18 13 44 001101 101100 GTA CTG Abundance-Travelling Fast Progress Evolution
Rotate 9 54 27 110110 011011 TAC ACT Penetration-Open Before Destruction Decline
Rotate 13 50 19 110010 010011 TGC AGT Dispersing-Moderation Slow Destruction 4th Night
Symmetric 12 51 12 110011 001100 TGT GTG Central Return-Small Excess Perfect Equilibrium 4th End
Rotate 19 21 42 010101 101010 AAA CCC After - Before Completion Perfect Union End of Time

          A point of interest is the number 40 (2x20), which seems to be the common period elapsing from first action (I Ching 17) and last action (I Ching 57). This number appears over and over in religious and mythological literature. The biblical flood lasted 40 days and nights, Sinai crossing lasted 40 years, common period of reign for Hebrew kings, Goliath challenge lasted 40 days, Moses spent 120 days/nights in Sinai, Moses life is divided in 120 years. Jesus fast lasted 40 days/nights, and 40 days between resurrection and ascension, Lent is 40 days before Easter. In Islam Mohammed prayed and fasted for 40 days in a cave and had 40 followers. The ritual calendar of Mayas has 260 days (40x6.5). Why all this tradition around this number? It clearly represents maturity, related to the average duration of gestational period (40 weeks), when birth was considered an inflection point between gestation and life.
         In the King Wen sequence, the pairs 53-43 and 20-10 are also of special interest, since the complementary pairs (63-n) are: 10-20 and 43-53, which means that the double pairs mark a major inflection point and the end of the period after this inflection point is the pair 50-19 (which relates to the pair 20-10: 50 = 10 + 40).
        The First 16 pairs in the King Wen are generated according to precise symmetric relationships around Pythagoras Theorem. In religious terms, it may be associated with the Tree of Life. In the middle of the sequence we have the number 25, which is the sum of the squares of 3 and 4. The numbers 3 and 4 surround 25, indicating a clear and logical starting point. 4 being 2 square, the next numbers are determined based on 2^n, according to the following layout.
        Note that the sum of exponents for powers of 2 pairs is always 5. Also notice how 2^5 is arranged so as that 2^2 is in the middle of 2^1 and 2^5. The upper part of the tree also includes the complements of the powers. All these numbers were generated from the basic Pythagorean Theorem. The next step is to sum the Pythagorean bases 3+4 = 7. The number 7 will be placed as the missing link between numbers 55 and 61. We determined the double prime pair 61-47 situated 2 positions above 25, so we should expect also a double prime 2 positions below 25 and they can only be 41-37 or 53-43. The choice is 41-37, possibly based on the vigesimal difference 61-20. The next numbers in the sequence are determined by adding 7 and then 1 up and down. Notice that 17+40 =57 and 23+10 = 33. The final two pairs on the bottom are determined by subtracting and adding 5 to 23. Notice that 8 is the only cube present and that 6 numbers up and 6 numbers down the number 8 will lead to the pairs 17-34 and 33-30, the last pair adding-up to 63. The number 33 is clearly associated with end of cycle (age of Christ Crucifixion, numerological value of AMEN, number of elements is Tree of the Sephiroth). The last 2 pairs may also be determined by taking the number 58 (pair of 23) and subtracting 40 to obtain 18 and then 30 to obtain 28.

            The last 16 pairs are related to the first as follow. We notice that 7 pairs of the first 16 also appear in the beginning of the sequence translated by its complements (numbers in blue), with exception of the inflexion point 53-43 and 20-10. The pairs are arranged around 7^2 (49). The last blue pair is 34-17, which is the first pair of the whole sequence. The number 27 (3^3) appears in the middle of the 7 last pairs, which starts with 9-36 (3^2-6^2). After 9-36 we have the pairs 52-11 and 13-44 (the main property of this double pair is that 4x11 = 44 and 4x13=52 and also 52+11 =63 ). The perfect complements (blue numbers) are obtained by adding 20 to 17 (blue pair 37-41) and 40 to 17 (blue pair 39-57). The next blue pair is 32-1 which precedes 57-39 in both sequences. The blue pair 28-14 position is determined by middle number 49 (7^2). The first pairs in the second sequence (60-15) is marked by complements 3-48 and is positioned in a way that the number of cases between the yellow pair 34-17 and 3-48 is exactly the same as the pairs 17-34 and 3-48 in the first sequence (which is 7). The second pair 40-5 is determined in a way that the complement (23-58) is also the second element in the first sequence. The next pair 53-43 is the only double prime in the second sequence and has special meaning since the complements 10-20 is related to the period 40. 53-43 is exactly in the middle of complement 6-24 in first sequence and 29-46 in second sequence (the difference is 46-6= 40). We see that the numbers 10-20-30-40-50-60 play a very important role in the King Wen layout and almost all are found in the second sequence, with exception of the pair 33-30 which is the only adding-up to 63. The pair 50-19 (complement 13-44) is placed in the same relative position of the pair 33-30 (2 positions before the end) and corresponds to the following relations: 11x4=44, 11x3 = 33 and 33-13=20.
           Also notice the arrangement of the sum of powers of 2: 2^3 + 3^2=17, 2^1 + 1^2=3, 2^4 + 4^2=32, 2^5+5^2 = 57, 2^0+0^2 = 1, as well as the positions of 4^2+5^2 = 41 and 2^2 + 3^2 + 4^2 = 29. The start point is 2^3 + 3^2=17, after a period of 40 we get 2^5+5^2=57, which complement is 2^1 + 2^2=6 and after a period of 40 gives 29-46 (2^2+3^2+4^2=29). The end 21 is perfect, since it equals 1+2+3+4+5+6=21. The perfect separation 7x3^2 = 63 matches the perfect union 7x3 = 21 and also 21x3 = 63. The beginning 17-34 (2x17=34) is arranged in the same way as the end 21-42 (2x21=42). The double pairs where complement equals pair are 33-30/18-45 and 51-12/21-42 have the following properties: 51-33=18, 45-33=12, 33-21=12, 42-30=12, 21-18=3, and 45-42=3.

              As we can see, each piece in the King Wen sequence was carefully chosen to occupy a unique position. It is not very difficult to understand the principles underlining the layout. The generation of pairs is trivial and we created an algorithm to do it. The arrangement of pairs maybe performed using matrix of powers of 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, and 13. The root of the system is based on Pythagoras and precise positioning of squares and cubes. The first sequence is easily determined. The second sequence is determined by straight relationship with the first one.
            The analysis in quaternary base (DNA) also reveals some important principles. Start and End are triples (AAA, TTT, CCC, and GGG). The symmetric pairs have always G or T in middle position (TTT-GGG, CGA-ATC, AGC-CTA, and TGT-GTG). The double primes pairs have always double pairs and no G (TTA-CTT, CCA-CAA, and TAA-CCT), G being a symbol of non existence related to zero. Symmetric pairs force inversion of extremes when transmuting from T (perfection) to G (imperfection). Around a double prime we also find doubles: following TTA-CTT we have GAG-GCG (T transmutes to G and separates), around CCA-CAA we find GGT-TGG/CGG-GGA (C and A transmute to G and A to T) and around TAA-CCT we notice CCG-GAA/AAG-GCC (T transmutes to G). Pythagoras starting point has neither G nor T, pairs 25-38 (ACA-CAC), but is surrounded by double Gs GAG-GCG/GGT-TGG. The other pairs that have neither G nor T are: 41-37 (CCA-CAA) and 26-22 (ACC-AAC), whose opposite extremes add-up 63 in the same way as 25+38 = 63. As we saw before the pair 29-46 relates to 17-34, or AGA-CGC relates to ATA-CTC (G transmutes to T).
        The pattern of transmutations also makes sense in quaternary base. The table below describes the I Ching Symmetry and Internal Vibration patterns. We can clearly observe 2 regions with short wave vibrations (blue background), 2 regions with ultra-short wave vibrations (background light-green), internal resonance pairs (green circles) and the long waves. The long wave do not have peaks or valleys inside any of the regions with short, ultra-short and resonant waves (never starts or finishes in lines correspondent to green circles). The last region has no direct influence from long waves and its dynamic is commanded by short waves and resonances until complete dissipation. This is the basic interpretation of the Timewave Zero, from the original perturbation we create internal dynamics which culminates with short waves and resonances till the stand still or complete dissipation (the idea that time is being compressed). Note that the long waves amplitudes are symmetrically distributed around 2 central waves of amplitude 10, with exception of the original wave with amplitude 23. We can also notice how the powers are symmetrically distributed, as well as the correlation with Fibonacci and Double Primes. This oscillatory nature of the King Wen sequence help us better understand the distribution of the second sequence (the blue region above).

              We clearly observe that King Wen sequence is not random. It seems to tell a story in mathematical language, instead of in the most common religious way. When we cross this sequence with the elements in mythology and religion, we realize that there is an effort to perpetuate an encoded message. There is just one word to describe it: Perfect!
            Is the King Wen sequence message a guide for Life and Time?
            The meaning of the pairs in the I Ching clearly associates the sequence to periods of time, internal and external oppositions as well as qualitative and quantitative transformations. That is why it has popularly been used as an oracle. This mystical use of King Wen sequence masks its real purpose which is not to predict future but to describe transmutations, resonances and propagations of perturbation in enclosed systems. This perturbation, associated with creation, is a much more profound concept in scientific and philosophical terms than prediction. The astrological translation associated to it may be seen just as markers and not physical alignments of forces.
            These markers of time makes the earth and skies act like a big clock, telling us that time is passing and life is recycling. It remind us that we are subjected to time and forces of nature that we can understand but not necessarily control and that our time is always passing, may we wish it or not...tic-tac...tic-tac. The last tick should not be seen with pessimism, because it offers the potential of finally contemplate and understand the beginning of the next creation period. The time compression at this moment will be close to singularity (some may not even notice the transition, unless it is abrupt) and will open windows for different reasoning, since this point is a unique long recurrence in time and space. If the transition is smooth, some will say that it never happened, unless they contemplate the sky and be grateful for passing this point marked by previous shocks in humankind memory.
            King Wen sequence coincides with mythological systems based on 4 periods (such as the 4 worlds for the Hopi Indians, the 4 yugas for the Hindus and the 4 metal ages for the Greek). For the Hindus, the current era is called Kali Yuga, which started in February 18th 3102 BC and lasts 432,000 years (according to other interpretations it may last much less time. Sri Yukteswar, for instance, gives the following lengths: Satya Yuga, 4800 years; Treta Yuga, 3600 years; Dwapara Yuga, 2400 years; and Kali Yuga, 1200 years - which total to almost half of a precessional period. For Alain Danielou the Kali Yuga started 3,606 BC and the Yugas last: 24,195, 18,146, 12,097 and 6,048 years respectively). Regardless these big discrepancies in interpretation of the duration of the Yugas in the Hindu system, it is amazing how the beginning of Kali Yuga basically coincides with the Maya creation date. Maya creation date and Maya end date should be the corrected referential for all these systems, because of its extreme precision. As we showed in the Nazca Project, the starting point of Dendera Zodiac is the top twin figures and the constellation of Sagittarius is just below the top twins.
            We know that the constellation of Sagittarius is at the center of the Milky Way and we know that near the astronomical feature Sagittarius A* (between Sagittarius and Scorpio) there is a super massive black hole. The drawing of the Long Denderah Zodiac (a rectangular version) shows an empty boat between Sagittarius and Scorpio (all the other boats have figures) and also a sitting Baboon inside a circle just before the empty boat. Also the Big Esna Zodiac locates Sagittarius at the center (marked by a bull and ram in different senses) and the region between Sagittarius and Scorpio is full of snakes and winged snakes. The snake also appears in the circular form along the line linking the bow of Sagittarius to the center (close to the right hand of the right twin or the bottom). Would the ancients have knowledge of this super massive blackhole?
            It is intuitive to think that the snakes (or the birds associated - emu and rhea) represents the Milky Way. It is also intuitive to think that an empty boat represents a dangerous crossing. In the moment that the sun appears to die (winter solstice), marking the shortest day of the year, rising in the middle of snakes, spiders, scorpions and an empty boat should really scare our ancestor, shouldn't it? Imagine if they knew that a big star eater monster was at this point in the sky.
            Regardless the culture, the spiders, Scorpios, snakes, fishhooks or emu legs are the common elements of a certain reference of cyclical periods or ages. Is this the common referential for precessional periods? Why the years around 3100 BC played so important role in defining the current era?
            Science shows evidence of a major climate change exactly 5,200 years ago. The methane, which is an important gas related to greenhouse effect, showed the lowest level around this time for samples in Greenland and Antarctica, associated with subsequent droughts and severe winter.
            This long winter may have spread panic and the beliefs of a new starting cycle in time. 5200 years ago also corresponds exactly to 1/5 of the precessional cycle (26000 years). If we associate Yugas to precession, keeping the relative proportions, they would last 10400, 7800, 5200 and 2600. This means that 5200 years ago we were in the middle of Dwapar Yuga (or its equivalent) and around 500 BC (Birth of Buddha) started the Kali Yuga (or its equivalent) , which will end in 2012.
            And what has King Wen sequence to do with all that?
            Well, the King Wen sequence may be arranged in the same proportions of the Yugas: 4:8:16:32 (remember the discussion about the Horus Eyes in the Nazca project?). This arrangement would look like that:

                The Horus Eyes keep the same proportions: 1-1/64 = 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64 (according to Egyptian Mathematical Leather Roll). This is the main justification for our quest of the King Wen code in the Great Pyramid. Somewhere in the Great Pyramid we could find the equivalent of the King Wen sequence of time. We will not reveal this code yet, but we will reveal the application based on that code, so as we can verify it together. We called this application Time Vortex, which is distinct from Time Wave. The first idea is less deterministic, since vortex is related to an inflection point and not an end point. We present 2 scenarios: smooth and drastic transitions. We are not studying how the world will end, but how the clock may tick and rewind.
                By studying the King Wen sequence of hexagrams and the meaning of transmutations, Therence McKenna arrived to his known Timewave Zero or Novelty theory. If we analyze this theory carefully, we will be amazed by the level of abstraction it can lead us. Despite of arbitrarily choosing this sequence among others and also establishing a referential, the theory has the merit of bringing an ancient concept of time back to life. King Wen sequence appears to be the history of life and time. In the Time Vortex the referential may be changed as well as the recurrence period and the intermediary periods.
                We are interested in determine resonance in time and we can change this variables at will. But, historically, the ending of precession coincides with the time around 2012. The only source that specifies a date is the Maya Calendar, believing that the end of the calendar also coincides with the end of precession. It is described as the return of the Snake-Dragon god (Feathered Serpent). One can argue about this symbolism: it may represent a physical return of a real entity or a misunderstood visual phenomenon in the sky like the Aurora. There is also the possibility of simple imagination of our ancestors, which is less probable and somehow less respectable because it is a myth spread worldwide with very similar elements.
            The history tells us that no big civilization existed 26,000 years ago, which lead us to ask: how the description of such phenomenon came to exist worldwide if there is no proved record of it? Just by deduction based on indirect measurements?
            Concerning the Timewave software, we give special importance to the so called Huang Ti version. This version has a special correlation with the code we found in the Great Pyramid (75%). By crossing this code with the King Wen Sequence, we arrived to a clear resonance and recurrence period of 40602 years. This is approximately the period of Axial Tilt.
            We conclude that it may not be the precession after all the main period for fear that somehow passed along history, but the cycle of the tropic lines (from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees in 41000 years). We are currently on 23°26′16″, which represents approximately 1/2 of the extreme angles (23.3) - in other words, around the inflection point of the cycle and also at the end of a precessional cycle, according to the "Winter Solstice-Center of Milky Way" referential. Is this evidence that the ancients were able to calculate the Milankovitch Cycles (Eccentricity: 100,000 years, Axial Tilt: 41,000 years and Precession 26,000 years)?
            The variation of the Tropic lines is 0.47″/year, which means that for 7659 years of observation, we would have only 1 degree. Were the ancient observations compatible with this degree of precision? -Analyzing Egyptian civilization as well as Maya civilization points to an astonishing yes, the construction of the pyramids alone is sufficient argument in favor of ancient obsession with extreme precision.
            The multiple analysis that could arrive from this process is possible by using the "Time Vortex" software that we developed, which is a less deterministic approach for cyclic-entangled time where you can choose the type of transition between recurrences (abrupt or smooth). This pyramid code will be completely revealed on December 21st 2012.
            The following screenshot depicts the resonance period. Note that all the I Ching equivalents are the same and only depends on the starting date, repeating every 20x period. This is only valid for a recurrence period of 40602 years.

        Time Vortex is a historical-scientific concept. It is based in nature's major fear factor: the recurrence of glaciations associated with Milankovitch Cycles and the possibility that ancients were able to communicate and measure this phenomenon. It is clear that the ancients knew the phenomenon of precession, nevertheless the evidence of knowledge of Axial Tilt has been in the shadows for all these years ( a simple hypothesis- nothing more, nothing less).
        Notice that Time pulsations may be related to temperature variations and global warming. In order to illustrate this possibility, let's analyze the results from Time Vortex regarding long periods. In this case 450,000 years BC using Vostok ~115,000 years cycles as recurrence period and then comparing the Vostok data with the results from our software.

            Notice that these graphs present several points in common. It is logical to expect the same number of peaks, since they refer to the same recurrence period 115,000 years. What is odd is that intermediate periods seem to match (points 340 and 200 in the graphs) as well as the shape of the peaks. The last period shows abnormality, since temperatures are higher than expected. Is human activity or some other factor delaying an expected glaciation, or is this another inflection point in a longer cycle?
            Amazing results are also obtained for our period (0-2012 AD), as shown in graph below.

            Analyzing the pulse in terms of variations in temperature, the temperature at Christ time was close to average current temperature and was followed by a declining and subsequent warming period around the year 800. This period was called Medieval Warm Period and happened around 950-1250, which historically coincides with the collapse of Maya Civilization. This medieval warm period was followed by the Little Ice Age which, according to NASA, occurred between 1550 and 1850. The graph above seems to depict the same phenomenon delayed by 250 years. In the graph above we should notice the historical  facts: Christ(0 AD), Charlemagne (ca 800AD), Beginning of Great Discoveries (ca 1500), Napoleon and Beginning of Industrial Revolution (ca 1800).
            The recent "Global Warming" could not be verified so clearly. Pulses seem to drop continuously after 1800. But, if there is a delay of 250 years, we would be around the point 180 in the graph above, which makes more sense in terms of temperature. If that is true, we should expect a sudden drop in temperature in the next 250 years.
            No one can deny the great impacts of temperature in human behavior and social interactions. It influences choice of war periods, migrations, navigations and growth of population. In this sense history acts as a thermometer itself. This gives a certain power of prediction to the software, within the due limits.  As we pointed out, our effort is not predictive and some correlations may be just coincidence. We are interested in time recurrence more in astronomical-calendrical than in physical predictive terms, which does not eliminate the possibility of displaying these amazing "matches".
            Scientists have several ways to measure past temperature. It is fascinating to think that this problem could also have been studied by our ancestors, which may be masked in the records of our common cultural heritage. Unveil these records could lead to a better understanding of time itself.  The table below shows the existence of a certain correlation between starting date of current epoch and Climate Change as well as Historical Mythical times and Milankovitch Cycles.
Cultures Last Age - Beginning Historical Time and Cycles
August 11, 3114 BC
32,000 BC (Mention in Dresden dates).
Egyptian 4236 BC 39,670-39,575 BC(From Turin King List and Manetho)
Zoroastrism 3600 BC 9,600 BC (12,000 years and 4 cycles)
Chinese 3000-2700 BC(Three sovereigns)
39,000 BC (creation of the world by Pangu)
2376 BC (mythikón)
25,868 (Plutarch account of ancient tradition)
2900 BC (flood)
244,100 BC (antediluvians kings reigned 28,800 years each)
Hindu  23 January, 3102 BC (Kali Yuga) Very Long (Yugas)
Hebrew 3761 BC NA
Masonic 3760 BC (Anno Mundi) , 4000 BC (Anno Lucis)  
Scientific Evidences 3200 BC (Climate Change) Milankovitch Cycles (26,000, 41,000, 100,000)

            In our software we allow the calculation of recurrence periods based on classical or customer reference periods. Reference periods are the ones that appear as unit for the horizontal axis, presented as multiple of 20 following old vigesimal base. Recurrence periods are the periods we verify recurrences in nature, for instance human life recurrence is around 64 years, gestational age recurrence is about 260 months, Earth's Axial tilt is around 41,000 years and so on. We may calculate the recurrence given a reference period or calendar cycle. The recurrence calculated in this way is called "Harmonic Recurrence", because the criteria is repetitive hexagrams symbols associated with multiples of 20 of the  reference period or calendar cycle. It serves as a test for our software. Below, we present the results of these calculations for Maya, Hebrew, I Ching and Western calendar cycles.

Long Term Harmonic Recurrence Based on Maya Cycle: start date 3114 BC and End Date 2012 AD

System Cycle (s) Harmonic Recurrence Precision Matches
Calcul. (s) Calc.(years) Expected
Maya Tzolk'in (260 days) 22464000 188809920000 5983.148 5126 86% Maya Cycle-1/8 Axial Tilt
Metonic Period(6939.7x235d) 599589105 614578832625 19475.23 20500 95% 1/2 of Axial Tilt
I Ching (64x6d) 33177600 170035200000 5388.201 5126 95% Maya Cycle-1/8 Axial Tilt
Time, Times, 1/2Time (1260 days) 108864000 183000384000 5779.05 5779 100% 1/7 of Axial Tilt
40 Months 315569520 323458758000 10250.00 10250 100% 1/4 of Axial Tilt
Maya Katun(19.7 years) 621671954 637213752850 20192.5 20500 98% 1/2 of Axial Tilt
40 years 1262269440 258765235200 8199.94 8200 100% 1/5 of Axial Tilt
Maya Cal Round(52y) 1639872000 336173760000 10652.92 10252 96% 1/4 of Axial Tilt
Avg Century 3155695200 646917516000 20500 20500 100% 1/2 of Axial Tilt

Short Term Harmonic Recurrence Based on Metonic Period (~19y): start date 1994 AD and End Date 2012 AD

System Cycle (s) Harmonic Recurrence Precision Matches
Calcul. (s) Calc.(years) Expected
Synodic Lunar Month(29.53d) 2551443 2615229075 82.873 76-78.8 92%-95% 4 x Metonic - 4 x Katun
I Ching (32d) 2764800 2833920000 89.803 76-78.8 85%-88% 4 x Metonic - 4 x Katun

Very Short Term Harmonic Recurrence  (1 Year): start date 2011 AD and End Date 2012

System Cycle (s) Harmonic Recurrence Precision Matches
Calcul. (s) Calc.(years) Expected
1 day 86400 88560000 2806 2563 91% 1/2 Maya Cycle-1/16 Axial Tilt

        Note that some Harmonic Recurrences may be translated in 1/2-1/4-1/8-1/16 of the Axial Tilt Period, in other words they follow the Horus Eyes proportions. No doubt that the Great Pyramid may be considered as a big cosmic resonant calendar. A universal calendar engraved in the Great Pyramid seems to resonate like a big instrument tuned according to some sort of Pythagorean Tuning System. Since the alignment of pyramids are based on winds and the layout is time resonant one may ask if the Great Pyramid itself isn't constantly playing the divine music of time-space. This is not so farfetched since it has been recognized that the Temple of Kukulcan in Chichen-Itza, also aligned according to the winds, echoes like a Quetzal.
        According to the calculations of Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta (2nd century CE), creation began 3761 BCE. Notice that the resonance for the classical prophetic period in the bible  (Time, Times and Half Time - which Sir Isaac newton equates to 1260 days) is  1/7 exactly of the axial tilt or  5779 years. By subtracting 5779-3761, we arrive to the end of the cycle in exactly 2018 AD (only 5-6 years longer than the classical Maya cycle, ending in 2012). Newton himself gives the date no earlier than 2060, based on the beginning of Pope's supremacy, which he considered 800AD or the date Charlemagne was crowned. But this beginning date may also be interpreted as the period between the papacy of St. Zachary and Stephen II (741-757), which would give as possible end dates 2001-2017, or 2012..., since the penultimate pope was born in 16 April 1927 (Pope longevity statistics: maximum 93-Leo XIII, minimum 45-Leo X, and average of the 10 oldest popes 85.4).
       Note that the creation can not be 3761 BCE, because Göbekli Tepe alone is dated 9,000 BC. This clearly separates science from faith. Nevertheless, it makes sense if we consider "the creation" as the beginning of a people, civilization or better the beginning of an astronomical cycle after a previous "destruction". It is well known the influences of Sumerians and Egyptians in the Hebrew religious traditions, where a clear paralel may be stablished with exception of the long king-gods periods before present epoch maybe erased by the transition from politeism to monoteism.
        The St Malachy prophecy of the popes starts with Celestine II (1143) and finishes with Peter the Roman, Pope Bendictus XVI (current Pope) being the penultimate. Whoever the last pope may be, it is plausible to assume the end by 2012-2030. Peter the Roman is characterized in latin as "IN PERSECUTIONE EXTREMA S.R.E. SEDEBIT PETRUS ROMANUS, QUI PASCET OVES IN MULTIS TRIBULATIONIBUS: QUIBUS TRANSACTIS CIVITAS SEPTICOLLIS DIRUETUR, ET IUDEX TREMENDUS IUDICABIT POPULUM SUUM. FINIS.", translated by:  "In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations; when they are over, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible, fearsome Judge will judge his people. The End.".  We conclude that the cycle starts with Peter (33-67 AD) and finishes with Peter (possibly 2013-2017 AD). The Axial Tilt divided by St Malachy cycle is 20.70707070. Real prophecy or not, St Malachy cycle matches with relative precision the axial tilt multiple rule (in this case 1/20).
        This shows that the prophecies are in certain way not random, but follow precise astrological-astronomical rules, derived by ancient notion of recurrence and using the same resonance base: the Earth's Axial Tilt and Precessions (precessions and tilt being related to a factor close to PHI). We mentioned Maya, Newton and St Malachy prophecies because they are elaborated accounts subjected to scientific verification. Are they the mark of the End or the New beginning? In all accounts an error of at least 100 years around a seemingly precise date should be considered .
        Analytical thinking is useful to understand the parts, but without an effort of synthesis it becomes like the Hindu tale of "The Blind Men and the Elephant", a tale brought to Europe by John Godfrey Saxe. This analogy may be applied to part of the mainstream history, for those who only see stones in pyramids, war in fortifications, imagination in temples and dust in drawings. It is passed time to try to put it all together and at least explain why so many coincidences in such a large array of systems, seemingly without contact with each other. In the other hand, synthesis without analytical thinking may lead some to to see elephants as flying machines just because they do not understand the purpose of their long ears.
        As we can see, these results seem to corroborate  the Great Pyramid Time Code as well as its relationship with the King Wen Sequence. The same ancient "All-In-One"  system to represent space, characterized by the Nazca Lines, seems to be applied to time as well. This points to a common calendar system based on human gestation, lunar and solar cycles. By extrapolation, they could have generated short and long harmonic recurrence systems, which may have been used to predict lunar and solar eclipses, as well as help to forge sociological and theological models related to those cycles such as the complex Eschatological Systems.
        We may always disagree on the eschatological purpose of these time systems, but one should be very naive to disagree on the very sophisticated means used to measure time and space in the antiquity.

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